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Frequently Asked Questions about
                   Granite and Bronze Memorials 


Why should I purchase my headstone from Clinton Grove Granite Works, Inc.?
Clinton Grove Granite has an outstanding reputation that is founded on fine quality craftsmanship and customized memorials. From carved monuments to diamond point etched artwork, Clinton Grove Granite can provide memorials in any size or style of granite or bronze. We are one of the last monument companies to still provide handcrafted workmanship. We also have computerized designs and layout available upon request.

What should I know before selecting my memorial or gravestone?
Most important to the process is the cemetery you choose. Some cemeteries and memorial parks have very specific requirements regarding the size and style of your memorial marker. Clinton Grove Granite will do our best to guide you with your selection process based on your cemetery's guidelines and requirements.

What should I be aware of when ordering granite for gravestones or memorials?
Our 30 plus years of experience has taught us that there are different types and quality of granite. Coarse or large grain granite tends to be brittle and may not hold up as well in the Michigan seasonal climate. Some of the intricate designs or small lettering may break off due to water expansion or contraction within a course stone. When you choose a fine grain granite they are smaller and more tightly grained, which tends to withstand the elements better. Clinton Grove Granite carries a large selection of granites quarried from Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Canada. These granites are proven to retain their original style, lettering and withstand varying weather conditions. Clinton Grove Granite also stocks some of the imported granites too. During our consultation, we can confidently direct you to the best granite for your memorial's design and lettering selection.

Are there differences between laser etchings and diamond point etchings? 
Laser etchings are computerized drawings fabricated technologically. Diamond Point etchings are hand drawn by an artist using a diamond point tool, dot by tiny dot, thus allowing the outstanding clarity to shine through. The resemblance of the etching versus the actual picture being duplicated will amaze you. Clinton Grove Granite employs only the finest diamond point artists for this very intricate work.

How will I order my headstone or memorial?
Clinton Grove Granite
provides personalized consultations to assist in the decision process of size, color, design, titling, and name and date layout. Once agreed upon, we complete a signed contract and the production of your memorial begins. We believe you are truly giving your loved one that last special gift from the heart and it is our job to make it as perfect as possible.

Do you manufacture or provide memorials other than flat granite?
Yes! You'll be happy to know that you cut out the middleman when working with Clinton Grove Granite Works, Inc. We deal direct with all the granite quarries or granite manufacturers and can provide standing monuments, flat grass grave markers, slanted headstones, beveled grave markers, flat bronze markers, pet memorials, engraved brick or granite pavers, address blocks, granite benches, and more.

  Important  Information 

Clinton Grove Granite Works, Inc., unconditionally guarantees all workmanship and material to be as represented the best in every aspect. Our only exception to the unconditional guarantee is: If and when the purchaser requests non-standard artificial coloring or painting of the lettering and/or the design work. 
Size, color, content, spelling, dates, and design will be produced exactly as stated in the purchaser's signed contract. Our craftsmen can only follow the content they are given, which is stated in the signed contract.  This contract is approved in writing by the family or purchaser when the contract is signed. Clinton Grove Granite is unable to be responsible for any errors or omissions as written in the signed contract. The family or purchaser implies tacit approval when signing said contact. Once signed, it becomes the family's or purchaser's responsibility for both the content and to pay any balance owed upon completion of the memorial.

Clinton Grove Granite Works, Inc., requires a deposit upon signing the contract to commence work. Once completed, we require the balance to be paid in order to deliver the memorial, headstone, or other marker to the cemetery. Once the commencement of work has begun, no order is subject to cancellation. Ownership remains with Clinton Grove Granite Works, Inc., until final payment in full is made.

Contact us for answers to any more of your questions about our grave markers.